It's all fun and games.

Our Mission

We facilitate positive social time for teens who are high-functioning on the autism spectrum, as well as other teens seeking fun, games and friendships.

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 Blending In is a parent-led, non-profit organization with a mission to facilitate positive social experiences for high-functioning teens on the autism spectrum. We welcome all teens who commit to our simples rules; Be Really Nice and Have Fun.

Our philosophy is simple and supported by studies of positive psychology. Happy people perform better in nearly every aspect of life. We started Blending In in 2017 because our unique and gentle children had very limited positive social opportunities. These events bring our children joy, build self-esteem, and can lead to lifetime friendships. Parents help by giving the kids choices in activities and lightly facilitating interactions.

We are grateful to Abbey Parker, LMHC for allowing us to benchmark the Different Like Me group in Greenwood. Like DLM, our structure is loose & laid-back. As with any endeavor, our organization will evolve. In 2018 we are growing our support teams, starting new clubs, and developing resources for parents and volunteers to sponsor new clubs. 

To learn more, please email or see us at a monthly event.