It's all fun and games.

Our Mission

Facilitate positive social time for unique teens.

A Personal Note

Thank you for visiting We started the organization in January, 2017 because there are no other groups in Indianapolis that offered what I and my 15 year old son Luke were looking for; simply a facilitated, positive, laid-back environment for teens to have some fun and make new friends (on Saturday afternoons). 

Our philosophy is simple and supported by studies of positive psychology. Happy people perform better in nearly every aspect of life. Yet our intelligent and unique children are often faced with negative feedback for simply being who they are, constantly being reminded that they are different and they need to change. Of course we all want to help our children develop to their fullest potential, but we also need to listen to them, and reinforce the paradigm that they can interact with others who not only accept them, but genuinely enjoy their company. These experiences that bring our children joy and build self-esteem will fuel their development in all aspects of life. Further, social interaction and familiarity can lead to lifetime friendships and growing social support networks. 

I am grateful to Abbey Parker for allowing us to benchmark the Different Like Me group in Greenwood. I strongly recommend this group for families south of Indianapolis. I am also grateful to Randi Levine at Voyage Support Services who has been a wonderful ambassador for our group, an equal partner in developing it, and an excellent event facilitator. My son Luke has been our chief advisor, and he actually came up with the name, so I am very joyful to share in this experience with him.

As with any endeavor, our organization will evolve. However, I want the scope of our mission to remain focused and simple. It's all about the kids and fun. If you aren't sure if Blending In is right for your child, or you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or Randi. 

As a final note, if you, or someone you know is interested in becoming a facilitator for a future event, or you would like to volunteer in any other aspect, we would love to talk with you about that too!

Thanks again for visiting!

Dane Bohnert