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Our Mission

We empower people to start and coordinate clubs for recreation and positive socialization.

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 Blending In Inc. is a parent-led, non-profit organization with a mission to facilitate positive social experiences for young people. We welcome all who commit to our simples rules; Be Really Nice and Have Fun.

We started Blending In in 2017 because our unique and gentle children had very limited positive social opportunities. We have started 2 teens fun and games clubs, facilitating events to bring our children joy, build self-esteem, and form friendships. Most of the club decisions are made by the teen members; these are their clubs, based on their interests and choices.

We are grateful to Abbey Parker and Randi Levine, as well as various parents & teens for helping create the laid-back environment of our clubs. Our general vision is to grow an inclusive, simple, safe and positive social network for families. As with any endeavor, it will evolve. 

Blending In, Inc. and the Indy Teens Fun and Games Club are administered by Dane Bohnert on a part-time and 100% volunteer basis.

To learn more about joining or starting a club, please complete the form on our home page, and we will be in contact within a few days.