Safe Social Opportunities for young people in Central Indiana.

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Welcome to Blending In

Blending In is a 100% Volunteer operated non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people on the autism spectrum, and those who may feel uncomfortable in social situations, to engage with others in a safe and positive environment. Our clubs provide a place where individuals can come together, have fun, and develop new friendships. We believe in a world where everyone is accepted, and everyone belongs. Join us today!

Our Clubs

Blending In clubs provide a positive, non-judgmental atmosphere for socializing with peers. Our clubs hold monthly activities which are facilitated by parents and other volunteers who work to ensure everyone feels welcome.

What You Can Expect at Club Events…

  • Community "meet ups" are generally organized each month. Participants must be accompanied by a parent.

  • All participants are expected to abide by the spirit and rules of, "Be Nice & Have Fun!"

  • Participants are encouraged to make it their club & decide what kinds of activities they want to plan.

  • The success of each club depends on the level of parent commitment to support the club.

  • Experienced club coordinators provide parents with training and support. When more parents are trained & willing to help facilitate activities, more activities can be held for your children.

Our Mission

Positive socialization is critical for personal development and well-being, so we believe everyone deserves the chance to have fun & feel accepted for who they are. Blending In was founded in 2016 to provide safe social opportunities for young people who want to make friends, but feel uncomfortable in most social settings.

Blend in with us, stand out with confidence

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