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Teens Fun & Games Clubs
A great way for teens to meet others in a safe, inclusive, laid-back atmosphere, with just a little adult support.
Our rules are simple. Be Really Nice & Have Fun!

​Blending In is dedicated to facilitating a safe, positive, relaxed and welcoming environment for teens to meet others. Our Teens Fun & Games Clubs are especially for teens high on the autism spectrum, home-schoolers, introverts, or any teen who just wants to come play games, hang-out, and learn about shared interests. Membership requires comprehension and commitment to our code of conduct. We try to accomodate individuals ranging from those with significant social anxiety (who may choose to stay on the "quiet" end of the room) to those who enjoy interactive games and group activities. 

Typical Library Event Activities: Introductions, light discussions, informal conversation & club decision making, Snacks, Board Games, Video Gaming, Arts & Creativity.

We've had members with social anxiety and feelings of awkwardness, form positive aquaintenships and friendships over just a few months. We encourage development by facilitating our members to interact spontaneously, make as many decisions as possible, and to communicate openly, constructively & respectfully to work out problems.  We also allow members freedom to do their own things if they like, such as draw or play on his or her smart phone.

Our club members are always happy to welcome visitors, so come check out our monthly library events or family-outing events (See our Facebook group posts for info on past and future family-outing events).  Feel free to come and observe to get a feel for it. It may take a few visits to get over some anxieties, but over time we've seen young people come out of their shells, form friendships, and show remarkable improvements in self-confidence and reduced social anxiety. 

2018 Events

Indy Teens Fun & Games Club
3:00-4:30pm - 2nd Saturday of each month
Meets in the basement of the East Washington Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library, located at:
2822 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46201
​Email for more info: [email protected]

Northern Indiana Teens Fun & Games Club
3:00-4:30pm - 1st Saturday of each month
Meets in Room One of the Nappanee Public Library, located at:
157 N. Main Street, Nappanee, IN 46550
​Email for more info: [email protected]

These are free events open to the public.
RSVP requested for each event to help us plan resources.
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